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by /u/noeatnosleep

RaaW stands for 'Reddit as a Weapon'. RaaW is accessed through a small hover tab on the right side of the screen. It adds features on any page, like page-wide up/down voting, disabled np. domains without reloading the page, a show source button for all comments, mails, and selfposts, and a compose link to open a new message from any page. RaaW has special features when used on a user-page, such as a subreddit reporting of all submissions by a user, report to /r/spam, admin, and /r/botwatchman links, and an analyze user submissions link.

Reddit Moderator Toolbox

by various contributors

Toolbox is an extension that adds a myriad of much needed features and functionality to reddit for moderators. Visit the page for more information; the features are varied and numerous.

Live Comment Feed

by /u/noeatnosleep

The live comment feed allows you to see comments as they're submitted to a subreddit. Currently the default is set to /r/politics, but you can change the subreddit to any public subreddit and see the comments in a live stream. The LCF also has the option to load new comments on top or on bottom.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

by various contributors

RES is an extension that adds a myriad of much needed features and functionality to reddit for users. Visit the page for more information; the features are varied and numerous.

Subreddit Utilities

by /u/SirCmpwn

This is a tool for working with subreddits you moderate on reddit.  It allows you to easily perform a variety of tasks, such as resetting your subreddit settings to defaults, copying one subreddit to another, or taking backups of your subreddits.

Subreddit Utilities is powered by RedditSharp, SirCmpwn's .NET library for working with the Reddit API.

by /u/orionmelt

You are what you post. Enter your username in the blank provided and see what your posts say about you.

Hot Sister

by /u/Deimos

Fetches the top posts from a sister subreddit and updates the main subreddit's sidebar with a list of them.

The user defined in the cfg file must be a moderator of all main subreddits defined in the db.

The main subreddit's sidebar must include strings to denote the beginning and ending location of the list, the bot will not update the sidebar if these strings are not present.

With the default delimiters the sidebar should include a chunk of text


by /u/ddigiovanni

EasyUnsub is for redditors that want to quickly unsubscribe from multiple subreddits. A common use-case is when you have created a new account and want to quickly unsubscribe from the default subreddits.


by /u/ddigiovanni

A simple app that makes it easier to create an AMA. The app provides an easy to follow form that helps the user create and submit an AMA with helpful tips along the way. Great for users that are not familiar with reddit.

Plans to improve and expand the app are underway, including a user-friendly interface for answering questions directly from the app.


by /u/bboe

A collection of tools that interact with reddit's API providing moderator utilities, subreddit statistics, and keyword alerts.

by /u/observ3r

0bservat0ry is a powerful tool that allows you to see subreddits ranked by popularity (activity), ranked by total number of subscribers, and ranking of moderators by subreddits moderated as well as subscribers moderated.

reddit User Stats

by /u/ca12et

With this simple tool you can find out more about you reddit habits including number of posts, upvote/downvote ratios, time and day usage, most common subreddits, etc. This web app utilizes the free reddit Api to analyze your comments and posts.


by unknown

Postanalyzer is a tool that allows you to graph data points of a specific post over time; including points, comments, and rank in /r/all. It is super simple and easy to use and quite powerful despite it's simplicity.

Reddit Playlister

by /u/pocketninja

Reddit Playlister is simple and genius. Simply add subreddits (as many as you like!) manually or pick from a list and the tool plays songs posted to those subreddits.

reddit comment visualizer

by /u/1wheel

Generates several graphs about a user's comments and submissions for their karma, length, number, or grade level.

Currently live on

reddit metrics

by unknown

reddit metrics is a tool for tracking statistics of subreddits and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit.

Reddit Leaderboard

by unknown

Reddit Leaderboard tracks karma per user. It presents easy to understand graphs when a user is searched, as well as maintaining ranked user lists sorted by types of karma.

Reddit Check (Repost Checker for Chrome)

by various contributors

Reposts are considered by many users to be a cardinal sin. If people are allowed to simply post links that proved to be popular in the past, they could readily abuse reddit's karma system. Most of the time, reddit warns you and nullifies your post when you're about to repost a link. But why waste the time and energy posting? Reddit Check identifies whether the URL has previously been posted right there in your Chrome browser window.

For Chrome and Firefox

Reddit Later: Subreddit Traffic Analysis

by /u/adambard

The magic API gremlins find all the posts during the current month (because that's how it works), pick the top 500 sorted by upvotes, and assemble a pretty histogram for you. It shows when the subreddit has the highest scoring posts.

Reddit Investigator

by /u/duiker101

Reddit Investigator is a new way to discover many things about redditors. It works just by collecting the data that reddit makes avaible and elaborates it to obtain some new usefull infos.


by unknown

Reverse image search of Use KarmaDecay to see if images you post have been posted before or not.

KarmaDecay also has a bookmarklet.

Reddit Stream

by /u/reednj

Replace any in any comments page link and watch a comments in a live-format!

Also includes a bookmarklet.

by /u/ubershmekel

Would you like to view a slideshow of photos on a subreddit? Simply stick a 'p' behind 'reddit' in the link. Like this:


by /u/modemuser

A list of the top /subreddits, /tagged and /searchable. /stalk lets you get a feel in what subreddits a redditor is active in. With /monitor, you can find out when a phrase is mentioned in reddit's comments and submissions.

Mostly Harmless

by /u/KerrickLong

This plugin takes repost checks a step further. If the URL in question would be a repost, Mostly Harmless takes you to the original post on reddit to let you vote and comment on it. It also protects your reddit browsing privacy, integrates reddit mail with your desktop, and supports every language Google Chrome supports.

Reddit Companion

by various contributors

For the redditor who can't escape and doesn't want to, there's this plugin. reddit Companion updates you on incoming mail and replies to your comments even if you're in another browser window busy doing something else. You'll never miss a thing on reddit, but you'll have to kiss distraction-free single-tasking goodbye.

Usernote Prune

by /u/Praisebetoscience

This script will remove usernotes from shadowbanned or deleted users. If you have reached the max wiki page size for usernotes in your subreddit then this will be a godsend!


by unknown

Displays wiki/usernotes users and comments and verifies users still exists (not deleted or shadowbanned).


by unknown

Verify users in a subreddit's automod shadowban list are not deleted or banned by admin in order to remove deleted accounts from the list.

Spam Report Reviewer

by /u/captainmeta4

This tool will check your /r/spam submission history and reply with a report of the various users who you have reported that have not been shadowbanned. Simply click the profided link and hit send! There is also an open source bot you can run on your own!


by /u/ddigiovanni

rDrafts is a third party application that lets you draft a reddit post, preview it, share it with others, save it for later, and ultimately submit it to reddit. It is a helpful tool for anyone that wants to prepare a reddit text post ahead of time.


by unknown

Share your thoughts & opinions about other Redditors.


by /u/teaearlgraycold

The Python UserNotes Interface